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Hind Swaraj Study Camp

Hind Swaraj Study camps, lectures and discourses are organized in order to create awareness about culture of nonviolence; arouse inquisitiveness about Swaraj (Swaraj Jigayasa); and to create disaffection about various forms of violence institutionalized and rationalized in the areas of our private and corporate economic, political, cultural and spiritual life.

Study Camp

Hind Swaraj Study camps are conducted for 3-5 days, 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the post-lunch sessions. Prior to the actual reading and explanation of Hind Swaraj, a general overview of the history of Hind Swaraj is given:

For next three days text of Hind Swaraj is read line by line and explained. Though seemingly it is a very simple text, when its every chapter and statements in each chapter are analyzed in the background of experience and facts it lays bare our reality in a most convincing way. In 11 study camps that we have organized between 2002 and 2005, participants have pointed out that the discourses on Hind Swaraj satisfies their quest for awareness about their own reality Hind Swaraj satisfies their quest for awareness about their own reality in an idiom and language which is common to them and which does not dichotomize between the spiritual and the material or the religious and the socio-political. Uniqueness of these discourses on Hind Swaraj is that it is set into a culture wherein, spirituality does not have a separate department of its own.

Hind Swaraj discourses have been conducted among different types of groups, ranging from Kol adivasis (Tribal) of Mirzapur; village panchayat (Simultala, Bihar); Social Activist (Society for the Integrated Development of Himalaya, Mussoorie); women grass-root workers and teachers (Lakshmi Ashram, Kausani, Uttranchal Hills); higher education teachers of a rural institute (Kasturba Gram, Indore); Muslim community leaders (from the towns of western-Uttar Pradesh); college and university students (Delhi); including Tibetan activists (Dharmshala, Himachal Pradesh) etc.

Swarajpeeth has conducted following camps so far: