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Swaraj Dialogue

Swarajpeeth is conducting Swaraj Samwad (Swaraj Dialogue) based on the theme of Hind Swaraj in order to cultivate understanding about various forms of violence in modern life and ways and means of resolving them through the methods of nonviolence. Swaraj Samwad is a dialogue on civilization as defined by Mahatma Gandhi in the context of extremism, communalism, modernism and nationalism. Swaraj Samwad is carried out on the issues of education as well.

Swarajpeeth, therefore, has undertaken Hind Swaraj awareness campaign to create neighborhood, grassroots and regional peace-building and peace-keeping groups; namely, Shanti Sena. Swarajpeeth is engaged in the creation of a trained nonviolent volunteer force, Shanti Sena, as espoused by Mahatma Gandhi. Shanti Sena will be a nonviolent peace force that could be deployed in violence affected areas to engage in nonpartisan, nonviolent peacekeeping. Its mission will be to assist local nonviolent initiatives and create an environment of dialogue and trust building. The Shanti Sainik upholds truth, fearlessness, and nonpartisanship when in situations of violence fear and partisanship erode a community's ability to resolve problems from within.