Swaraj Peeth Trust, a Gandhian center for nonviolence and peace, works for Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Swaraj – Home-Rule or Self Rule based on culture of nonviolence or cultural democracy- through building a community based nonviolent social force called Gandhi Shanti Sena; organising public dialogues, training in nonviolence and ducation programmes for creating swaraj awareness in various areas of life. Read More

Ahimsa Samachar -Bihar

(Nonviolence News: Bihar) Hindi, Sept 2015 A brief of some important land mark nonviolent interventions by Gandhi Peace cadres in Bihar including in Maoist tribal blocks.

Series of three books

After 5 years of engagement Jammu &Kashmir Swaraj Peeth brought out following three documents containing Observations and Reports in September 2015 Book No 1: Share Concerns ; By Niru Vora and Rajiv Vora, Sept 2015 (limited stock) This contains : … Read more


(Hindi); Rajiv Vora ; 2015 Rs 10.0 (Not Available) Reprint of Rajiv’s article in Prabhat Khabar, bulished as nonviolence campaign material in Maoist tribal area of Banka dist of Bihar. It is a poignant story of a bright tribal youth … Read more

SANSHTAEN : (Institutions)

M K Gandhi 2015 Rs 10.0 (Available) This is a must read for those who run institution and organizations. Gandhiji has given a code of conduct for the leaders or the heads of institutions/organizations and the res or the staff … Read more

Building Gandhi Shanti Sena

A Process Documentation: Pub 2007, (Out of stock) During its engagement with Muslim youth, post 9/11, in four districts of Western Uttar Pradesh developed a four-stage method of cultivating and organizing Nonviolence cadres: Empathy, Awareness, Training, Action. This document also … Read more

Shanti Sena Training Manual

Pub. 2007 (Not available) Taking Indian conditions, needs and culture in consideration, this is perhaps first ever Training Manual for nonviolent peace cadres, which does not take nonviolence as a mere techniques or strategic means but as a creed. Thus … Read more

9/11 : Which one and Why

By Dr Niru Vora & Rajiv Vora (Hindi and Urdu) (Not available) On the occasion of the first anniversary of 9/11, Rajiv Vora’s editorial in the journal Gandhi Marg brought out the other side of it- the most revealing coincidence, … Read more


By M K Gandhi (Urdu Translation) First ever in hundred years. Pub. 2006 Price Rs 125/- (Available) Our response to 9/11 generated much interest among the Muslims of Western UP, dominated by Deoband School. This led to nonviolence campaign supported … Read more

Shiksha Swaraj ki Or (Education :Towards Swaraj)

April 2000 (Not Available) In collaboration with NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) Swaraj Peeth Trust organized two national seminars – one of experienced teacher-educationists of the Gandhian Basic Education system, and another of leading social scientists, educationinst, … Read more

Gandhiji’s Dialogue with Christianity

Ed by Dr Niru Vora (November 1999) Introduction by Rajiv Vora , AD 2000 , Price Rs 125.0 (Available) In the second week of November 1999, His Holiness the Pope John Paul-II was to declared before Asian Bishops Conference in … Read more