“Could Not Sleep After Reading Hind Swaraj….” 

After a couple of interactions and some exposure to Hind Swaraj, Bhola Prasad Yadav, a bright youthful radical tribal leader from Banka District of Bihar told the participants in Hind Swaraj Study (Self-rule, Democracy and Nonviolence) Camp, (Delhi 8-11 March 2013)  “ I did not sleep the whole night after learning what Hind Swaraj is all about. I read it again in the night. I have come to a conclusion that it is about our real self-hood, how we can and how we must rise. You, Swaraj Peeth, want to raise our real inner power which is as Gandhiji says is loveforce or nonviolence, which cannot ever be defeated, it only wins… aap hamara man uthana chahte hai. I experience here that you want to raise our moral self. From now on I am with you…”