Nonviolence Instead of Gun: Magic of Gandhi’s Nonviolence

Shri Bhola Prasad Yadav a leader in his own right, resolved on 13 June 2014 a 14 year old land dispute between two parties with disputable claims over a part of 11 acres held in possession by one party in village Bhediya Bhavsadih, Kotoriya Block of Banka dist of Bihar, through what he told his people his learning of the teachings of Gandhiji’s Hind Swaraj and nonviolence. His handling of the dispute, making the unjust one realize what immorality means in a closed community resulting in an amicable cooperative way of abdication of a wrongful possession, assumes special significance in the background of killing of two people only a week back in the midst of holding a ‘panchayat’ (village council) on a similar land dispute between two parties right in the same area.

A veteran who fought an armed struggle for 6 years in this area later said “ I can understand  others joining you though that is easy at all in this area,” pointing out to some former Area and Zonal Commanders  “but”  he exclaimed “  it must be some magic that you won over  Bhola…” In this entire region Bhola is popular and has a reputation of honest, no-nonsense truthful person.