Preventing Communal Violence through Nonviolence

Taso is a small market town in District Darbhanga, an ancient capital of princely State, known also for Darbhanga drupad gharana,

Political rivalry between Hindus and Muslims, handy work of vested political interests, showed up in a brawl over a piece of land allegedly belonging to Muslim cremation ground (Kabristan) was allegedly encroached upon by vegetable venders who set their regular market on that land. The issue flared up between the two communities on 16th June 2014. Gandhi Shanti Mitra Shri Ajit Kumar stood between two groups, pacified them, agued out the issue, made the leaders of both the groups sit downs and resolves their issue.  Finally both parties agreed to undertake measurement of the land according to the land deed. The issue was settled, encroachment removed and boundary marked. It may be noted the on similar issue of rival claim on land Sharanpur in UP saw an ugly violent communal clash between Sikhs and Muslis  during Ramadan  that left three dead, around three dozen others injured and more than 100 shops burnt down.