Resolving a Community Conflict over Land

About 200 acres of land belonging to five villages had a nullah, natural water drainage passing by the side, providing irrigation for two crops. The conflict started over a 5 feet of land of one party which the nullah, water drainage, encroached. The conflict started in June; all the five villages got divided in two parties and came to confrontation when one party blocked the natural drainage, depriving the rest of water. Situation came face to face when on August 11th one of the parties came with came prepared for final confrontation, with machine to break open the blockade constructed by the other. Sanjiv Kumar Singh, SP Bihar Coordinator who lives in one of these villages made the heads of all the five villages sit down, dispersed the crowds of both the parties, called revenue officials and got right measurement conducted for return of claimed land. The situation was amicably resolved after reaching a high tension