Try Nonviolence, No Reason to be Synical

Swaraj Peeth’s trained Gandhi Shanti Mitra and Shanti Sainiks –  Nonviolent peace- maker prevented 21 cases during one year, July2014-July 2015,  communal/caste and land disputes such that could have easily conflagrated without their timely intervention. They have set an example  of what is possible in a time of total cynicism and despondency; when violence is thought to be expedient by the powerful, and only means of protection by the weak. If only with some effort to inspire them, by going to them, introducing them to right kind of vision (Hind Swaraj) through which they can understand their reality in a way that satisfy their moral-intellectual hunger, authentically and truthfully, and by giving them some training in nonviolence, could this much be possible, then how can we say the situation is hopeless! Training in nonviolence, again is a positive evidence  as it is mostly participative in the sense that there is a lot in them which,  properly brought out thorough right kind of questions and interpretations – facilitation – provides all the necessary resources for self-education and training attuned to the  needs of their community and neighborhood. This team therefore thinks that if Swaraj Peeth covers whole of Bihar, through campaign in every districts to raise from there Gandhi Shanti Mitra, a lot of violence could be prevented; fast deterioration of social-communal harmony could be arrested; people’s faith in nonviolence could be resorted; community can become self-reliant in nonviolent transformation of violence and nonviolent conflict resolution.