Where the Minds Met

Miss Mariya Mushtaq, a bright, articulate post graduate student of literature at the Kashmir University who writes poetry and gets published, came to the Swaraj Peeth chapter’s meeting in Srinagar on 12th June, 2014. For her it was the first-time experience.  She wrote the following after attending the Swaraj Peeth Kashmir group’s meeting.

                 Where the Minds Met

It was a meet where the minds met,

 Concepts were brought to the light..

 A flight made to escape the narrowness..

Think out of box..

Broaden the sight…

 Though strangers

We were seated together,

Still we belonged to the one cause…

 Tried to explore what is kept hidden..

 Without breaking the so called laws..

The fire was put into the souls,

Which dreamt to imagine a free world..


Oneness matters like life..

 Not fame, rules or the gold…

We talked…

Laughed …

Shared happiness..

Started a journey

 To bring a morn..

 In the glory of which

The truth would be seen.. And,

Humanity will be saved, not Torn..