Swaraj Peeth Trust, a Gandhian center for nonviolence and peace, works for Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Swaraj – Home-Rule or Self Rule based on culture of nonviolence or cultural democracy- through building a community based nonviolent social force called Gandhi Shanti Sena; organising public dialogues, training in nonviolence and ducation programmes for creating swaraj awareness in various areas of life. Read More

“Take Me to That Heaven of Freedom”

“Why do you come here; what do you want; and what is the purpose of your meeting us?” He hurled at me, though in a polite manner, I could not miss the defiance and the message. The questioner was a … Read more

“Now we know Gandhi was our man; not Birla’s agent as we were taught”

Stories of Experience: Hind Swaraj Journey In Simultala the study camp, 13-16 Sept 2003, was organized by Gram Bharti Ashram, one of the well known Sarvodaya rural institution in Bihar run by a very dedicated and powerful couple, Shri Shivanand … Read more

“We Don’t See Our Self-Image in Modern India”

Hind Swaraj Journey: September 2002 They were  Kohl tribal in a four-day study camp organized  by social worker Shri Shamshad khan in September of 2002 at village Sukada, Dist Mirzapur in eastern Uttar Pradesh and adjacent to Sonbhadra district known … Read more

“Gandhiji Wrote On Our Behalf”

Hind Swaraj Journey: June 2002 I was facing an almost exclusively women’s group for the first time since we started Hind Swaraj study Camps. It was June 2002 at Lakshmi Ashram, Kausani ( Kumaon, Uttarakhand) established by Sarala Bahen a … Read more

“If I have to Choose…”

Hind Swaraj Journey: November 2001 “If I have to make a choice today  between Dahammapad and Hind Swaraj, I will chose Hind Swaraj”, said His Eminence Ven. Prof Samdhong Rinpoche, one of the most revered Budhhist lama and the then … Read more

Girls’ Nonviolent Action for Education

How Hind Swaraj and Nonviolence education works  Girls’ Nonviolent Action for Education : “A literate daughter makes a society literate…”  A group of primary school girls waged a unique nonviolent campaign for a school for girls, under the guidance of … Read more