Swaraj Peeth Trust, a Gandhian center for nonviolence and peace, works for Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Swaraj – Home-Rule or Self Rule based on culture of nonviolence or cultural democracy- through building a community based nonviolent social force called Gandhi Shanti Sena; organising public dialogues, training in nonviolence and ducation programmes for creating swaraj awareness in various areas of life. Read More

Try Nonviolence, No Reason to be Synical

Swaraj Peeth’s trained Gandhi Shanti Mitra and Shanti Sainiks –  Nonviolent peace- maker prevented 21 cases during one year, July2014-July 2015,  communal/caste and land disputes such that could have easily conflagrated without their timely intervention. They have set an example … Read more

“Could Not Sleep After Reading Hind Swaraj….” 

After a couple of interactions and some exposure to Hind Swaraj, Bhola Prasad Yadav, a bright youthful radical tribal leader from Banka District of Bihar told the participants in Hind Swaraj Study (Self-rule, Democracy and Nonviolence) Camp, (Delhi 8-11 March … Read more

In Search of Sustainable Empowerment Swaraj Peeth’s Experiment in Banka

When protests and dharnas by thousands have occupied headlines, a peaceful dharna by a hundred odd youth in a small place like BDO office of Chandan Block in Banka Dist. of Bihar on 2nd January 2014 is seemingly a non-event. … Read more

Bringing School to the Dalits: Dumarbana, Dist Arariya, Bihar

Not a single child from 55 family of Mooshar (Maha Dalits or the Dalits among the Dalits) would go to school n this border village. The team of three Gandhi Shanti Mitras including one girl reached out to them; convinced … Read more

How Hind Swaraj and Nonviolence education works

Girls’ Nonviolent Action for Education: “A literate daughter makes a society literate…”   A group of primary school girls waged a unique nonviolent campaign for a school for girls, under the guidance of their teacher-mentor Shri Dilip Jha, Swaraj Peeth’s … Read more

Hind Swaraj in Srinagar

Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj in Srinagar July 2015, Srinagar Musthaq Ul Haq Sikandar  and  Rameez Makhdoomi organized on 26th July first mini-workshop on their readings of Hind Swaraj attended by 3 women and 6 men members of Swaraj Peeth Srinagar, Kashmir. … Read more

Nonviolence: Reclaiming Legacy

Dr. Niru Vora Rajiv Vora 9/11 is an annual program organized by Swaraj Peeth, based in Delhi, India. It juxtaposes two powerful 9-11s a century apart, one established by Mahatma Gandhi and the other by terrorism and counter-terrorism. Swaraj Peeth … Read more