Resolving Issue of Forcible Occupation of Land of Dalits: Rescuing the Dispossessed from Taking a Violent Path

August 29, 2014
The problem of dispossession of the Dalits, the tribal and weaker sections from their land by village strong men is a major reason for the…
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Land Dispute turned Caste Conflict: Gandhi Shanti Mitra Intervene, Resolve and Unify

August 28, 2014
Gandhi Shanti Mitra Lallan Kumar informed Swaraj Peeth Bihar Coordinator Sanjiv of violent caste polarization on Yadav vs non-Yadav lines in 5 villages of Raghopur…
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Resolving a Community Conflict over Land

August 17, 2014
About 200 acres of land belonging to five villages had a nullah, natural water drainage passing by the side, providing irrigation for two crops. The…
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Dousing the Fire: Nonviolent Intervention in Communal Standoff: Narayanpur, Dist Bhagalpur, Bihar, Gandhi

July 29, 2014
Shanti Mitra Shri Krishna Kinkar and Ranjit Mandal effectively intervened in an armed stand-off between vegetable vendors of one community and 50-60 of the other…
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Why Media Watch in J&K

July 05, 2014
Kashmiri people’s deep resentment about biased views and misrepresentation of happenings and sentiments of the people of J&K is often, sadly enough, supported by the…
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Preventing Communal Violence through Nonviolence

June 16, 2014
Taso is a small market town in District Darbhanga, an ancient capital of princely State, known also for Darbhanga drupad gharana, Political rivalry between Hindus…
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Nonviolence Instead of Gun: Magic of Gandhi’s Nonviolence

June 13, 2014
Shri Bhola Prasad Yadav a leader in his own right, resolved on 13 June 2014 a 14 year old land dispute between two parties with…
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Where the Minds Met

June 12, 2014
Miss Mariya Mushtaq, a bright, articulate post graduate student of literature at the Kashmir University who writes poetry and gets published, came to the Swaraj…
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Sahil Maqbool: Seeing “A Ray of Hope”

June 10, 2014
Listening and talking to Shri Sahil Maqbool, 44, on 10th June 2014 in Srinagar I experienced a range of opposite emotions: outrage, anger, revolt; calmness,…
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Why Hind Swaraj

June 22, 2013
(*Written as an Introduction to Hind Swaraj Conclave of selected Hind-Swarajists with Ven Samdhong Rinpoche in Lonawala, June 6-10, 2013) Within the realm of modern…
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